Still standing

Pensieve shawl Yeoman Janeiro

Sorry I’m late, but you can probably guess why; yes, the testing saga continues. It’s been a rough two weeks, and I’m not very good company at the moment, so this is just a quickie to let you know that I haven’t forgotten the fun side of the Internet, I just haven’t had time to enjoy it. Look how far I got with my beginner’s version of the Pensieve shawl (above)- I’ve been too tired even to knit! Now that is a sure sign of a lack of work/life balance….

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not an oncoming train. One tester has almost finished (and is still happy she took it on!), so hopefully by the end of March at the latest I’ll be a published designer, bouncing around happily with not a bother on me…. (just quite a few new white hairs).

Templeton Square competition Donegal soft

Now this is a teaser: this yarn is Donegal Soft single ply merino tweed (from Donegal Yarns), and I’m using it to knit an entry for a competition in, but I can’t show you yet what I’m at, because that would probably disqualify me (because a photo here would count as a publication). Anyway, Franklin Habit (yes, the Franklin Habit) announced a competition (Templeton Square, Knitty Winter 2012) and I had an idea, so here goes. Of course, the world and his wife would give their eyeteeth to get published in Knitty, so the standard will be sky-high, but this is part of my getting-back-on-the-horse therapy and I’ll still have something pretty at the end of it. Still, you may wish me luck!

One thing I particularly like about this competition is that the results will be made known really quickly: in the Spring/Summer 2013 ed. Now that’s considerate! Last year, I entered two designs in a Rowan competition (deadline was end of April or May) and they still haven’t bothered to announce the winners, or even that the winners have been selected, so no one who submitted a design can do anything about publishing it. Again, I didn’t expect to win but needed the practice, and yet I’d like to be able to follow up on the hard work that went into my entries. So 3 cheers for Franklin and Knitty, and I promise I’ll show you my attempt soon!

By the way, you still have a week or so to enter. Go on, keep me company!

Swatch for Hermione textured hat

I really only have been fit for swatching and the like this week. This one’s an idea for a Hermione-style hat that came to me when I was re-reading (and watching) the Harry Potter series. You know the fuzzy bumpy mauve one she wears in the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow- that one. I have a ball of Cushendale alpaca which is sumptuous and should do the trick, when life returns to normal again.

Vogue Scarf pattern in Cushendale Alpaca with Hermione swatch

Here’s the swatch on top of a Vogue scarf  I did a while ago in the same yarn (Cushendale 70% alpaca, 30%wool, 200m in 100g). You can see that it is best for very simple stitch patterns, because the wonderful halo blurs stitch definition- but it is incredibly soft and warm and I love it!

Actually, what with all this planning a life after testing I’m feeling chirpier now, thank you very much! I’m going to devote the evening to my Knitty Mystery project and a healthy dose of Star Trek (well, Jean-Luc Picard, mainly…..)

and I’m looking forward to being better company next Monday- it’s a date!


22 thoughts on “Still standing

  1. Way to go for entering the competition! I’m keeping my needles crossed for you. Pretty alpaca yarn, I love the shade of pink. I think it needs to be lacier, to accentuate that gorgeous corona of fuzz (my 2 cents).

    • I agree, it’d be even lovelier as a fingering or laceweight, but they only do aran-weight at the moment, and that does make a very practical winter scarf!

  2. I’m so sorry to take so dang long to swing by! What a week – too busy, too hectic and still not done. But then, you would understand that, right? I hope your pattern gets straightened out soon – seems like a good yet stressful process. I’m sure it’ll be worth it though – for all those knitting professionals out there who want to create something GORGEOUS (please note I did NOT include myself in that group).
    Where did I put those brooms?

  3. I just checked out the link to the photos … the fence is wonderful. However, what I really love is the photo of the sheep in the sweaters … and other clothes … absolutely wonderful!!! But then strange things make me laugh …

    • lots of Kate Davies photos make me smile, because of the beauty she captures. P.s. it’s good to be back, and well enough to write again- it was nice to find your message waiting for me, thanks!

  4. Glad you are still standing, without a train heading towards you. This is me officially wishing you luck with the Knitty competition! And I love the yarn color you are using. I’ll look forward to hearing about it after you win.

      • Glad you are recovering and making it slowly back to the world. I’m down with respiratory infection myself. I think we exist only to advance the evolution of viruses-we are but hosts. Remember that it will take a while to get back up to speed, frustrating tho that is!

      • Here I am, 2 weeks of convalescence later, absolutely agreeing with you! I hope you’re feeling better by now, and have been victorious over the vicious viruses….

  5. Ummmm…. Miss Pauline? Have we lost track of what day of the week it is? Because, I know you’re all busy in such, but some of us are clinging to our smartie phones, waiting for that newest post notification to appear. Some of us are, as we speak, sitting forlornly in front of their little laptop, sipping their proper Irish breakfast tea, about to scoot off to work and NOT seeing a new post from Pauline.
    What will I do?
    How will I get through this day?

    • You’re a survivor, and -luckily- so am I, though there were days during the last month or so when i wasn’t so sure..
      It’s good to be back!

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