Spanner in the Works

Guess what?

Guess what?

My back has gone on strike this week, so sitting and typing, knitting or indeed anything has been stricken from the agenda. So much for my “best laid plans” for timely publishing of seasonal goodies- sorry, folks, I’m out of action for a while, so here’s a mystery picture for you to puzzle over in the meantime. Whoever provides the best guess as to what is depicted here will be honoured accordingly; “best ” does not necessarily mean “accurate”, just cheer me up!

I think it’s time for me to learn how to podcast….








43 thoughts on “Spanner in the Works

  1. No joke here – got the same problem with my back, Pauline. Sitting is agony. Standing is even worse. Car rides? Don’t get me started. I’ve been to the chiropractor three times last week and still have to go again today. Cruddy pain…
    So, as to the brief post – good for you for even putting one together. I’ve barely been on wordpress- mostly because I don’t have the where-with-all to sit through the pain long enough, and also, because I’ve been staying away from social media – including the tv – trying to avoid all the gruesome details about the latest school shooting. Really crappy stuff.
    So, to bring some cheer to us old achers – I’ll let you know I found a good chuckle over at Lori Lipsky’s poetry blog. Her simple words are guaranteed to bring a smile. (you can find her link on my sidebar at letters to rosa)
    Hope you find some relief, Pauline.
    My best to you-
    (oh, yeah, as to the guess – some kind of fossil? Dinosaur eggs?)

    • Am just back from my osteopath- definite improvement, can sit for 10 minutes without moaning! My homework: massage back with warm castor oil, then make wrap with warm Epsom salts solution, cover all tightly with towel, place hot water bottle on back and rest for an hour. I’ll let you know how it works!
      Re: guess- close, but no cigar!
      My DS is watching “Yes, Minister”with me for therapeutic purposes- v v Funny. I’ve more than enough reality on my plate at the moment, although the people of Newtown have all my sympathy…

      • well – I hope that treatment works for you, Pauline and that you get relief from your pain SOON! I’ve not been to a specialist although my chiropractor did suggest it yesterday and even hinted at that gruesome word – arthritis! My entire spine is out of wack due to gymnastics as a wee little one – too much back bending shaped it with a sharp curve and so, at times of stress – it inflames and shuts me down. Using cold packs, advil and anti-inflamatory diet over here – trying to get the swelling down…
        Sitting for any stretch? Should not, but must do for the next two days (work as a secretary – 2 eight hour days behind a desk)…
        As to the guess – I meant flattened dinosaur eggs.
        Any closer?

      • My quality of life has improved immensely in the last 18 months since I started osteopathy, and I’d tried so many different therapies over the years..
        Haha, so much for lying down- the boiler’s on the blink again, so the apartment’s being remodelled around me. At least it’s distracting!

      • distracting, but hard to rest? And…. you still haven’t told me if I’m right about that image – is it or is it not a flattened dinosaur egg?
        Let me down easy, kay? I’m no geologist…

      • Ah, come on! This is hard!!
        Okay – next guess…. it’s a fossil of an alien that’s descended from a dinosaur… maybe from Planet X where life is a few hundred million years behind our evolution.
        What do ya think?

      • nah – I only write mighty Irish epics – remember? You know, the one where all the characters say “Aye” and eat tons of potatoes? Maybe some day I’ll be brave enough to ask you to peruse a bit of it… MAYBE…
        now, lass, onto that dinosaur-egg-outerspace-mineral thingy… I give up.
        What is it.

      • Good girl yourself (have you ever considered seeing someone about that fixation? Either that, or writing a blockbuster fantasy trilogy that’ll be televised by HBO and get you tickets to Ireland for the whole family….)

      • oooohhh, I’m liking THAT idea – my heroine will be a feisty red-headed Irish lady whose passion for geology gets her a ticket aboard a space shuttle – she’s transported to planet X where she discovers…. wait for it…. yup. Dinosaurs!
        And what is life without some good ol’ fixations? You have your lace, I have my imagination…

  2. I feel for you! As someone who has had back problems off and on for a VERY long time, I hope that in a few days you will no longer feel like “Lon Chaney” as my wonderful husband calls me when I walk around the house contorted in pain … in the mean time, for a little diversion, you might watch the following YouTube piece which was recently on American television ….

    picture guess … paint chips or very old film … my husband says it’s a cross section of a rock or a mineral like salt … you’ll like the YouTube clip better than my guess …

    hope you’re doing better soon!!!

  3. He says: Basalts come from thermal activity heated in the earth, like volcanic activity – magma.

    His question for you is, how old is the rock?

      • And Mr Handimouse wins the game! Yes, it’s a sample of lunar “soil”, composed of droplets of basaltic glass which froze when the magma hit space (the yellow spheres), some of which are starting to recrystallise as the unstable glass reverts to a lower energy state (the black skeletal crystals inside the droplets). Well done! I’ll show a few more in my next post, I think they’re beautiful!

      • RE: your back … I hope you’re doing better. I had a wonderful orthopedist about 20 years ago who sent me to “back school”. When that didn’t give long-term results, he sent me to “advanced back school” … five days a week, four hours a day for six weeks! For almost 20 years I did back exercises every morning and every evening to strengthen my “core” … I now do most anything because I still put into practice the things that I learned in this second back school … including regularly transferring my husband into and out of his wheelchair each day … the only thing which has stopped me is surgery … hope your back is getting better day by day ….

  4. You’re gonna hate me for this – but I had to pass along two more stars to you, Pauline. Just hoping your back continues to mend and you have a wonderful Christmas full of joy and comfort!
    You can catch your award at this short link:
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Mr. Handimouse, AKA “Scott”, says that he can’t wait to see more samples … I told you, he’s a frustrated geologist who’s other love is the space program … Hope you’re doing better! Mrs. Handimouse, AKA “Rennie”

    • I am indeed on the mend, just have to be very careful- back school sounds like a good idea, will consult my cherished osteopath!
      These photomicrographs should come with a health warning- they are addictive! I spent years working with this kind of thing, and am still hooked…

  6. Merry Christmas to you, Pauline … I hope that your back is doing well so that you can celebrate the day with your loved ones … Rennie & Scott

      • He’ll love seeing them. Personally, as an old knitter, weaver, tatter, lace maker, etc. I love looking at the amazing things that you create … makes me wish I had more time because your photos make me want to start doing my handwork again!

      • Even a few minutes of knitting is very relaxing-absolutely therapeutic…. (I sense New-Years-resolution potential here!)

      • It has truly been years since my mother taught me to knit when I was a child and then we both taught my older sister — kind of backwards, I know. I will tell you, however, that as much as I enjoyed knitting, the best therapy I ever had was the making of bobbin lace when I was away at college … something about the intense concentration that was required … funny thing is that the piece I made I gave to a harpist friend of mine for her “playing” outfit …

      • The common denominator is entering into the state of “flow”- different crafts do it for different people, so it’s worth experimenting. I did, and knitting works best for me, while Irish crochet, embroidery or woodworking are the key for others. Beats tranquilisers any day!

      • You are so right! Anything which brings peace and quiet to a hectic day … I just wish I had more time to indulge my love for all of the crafts … I keep promising myself that it will happen soon, but it hasn’t happened yet … but I’m working on it …

      • During a particularly stressful stretch of my life I eased my way back in by knitting in the doctor’s waiting room, in queues, on the bus (while others were playing with their mobile phones!).

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