Normal transmission will be resumed shortly…..

Unfortunately, I’ve spent most of this week nursing a massive headcold and feeling sorry for myself, i.e. an utter waste of space. You really don’t want to know…. So, with major help from my favourite technical assistant/nurse/graduate Darragh, here are some photos from Slane (NNW of Dublin) to let you know you’re in my thoughts, even if they’re not very coherent!

There’s a ruined church and graveyard on top of what is referred to as Slane Hill. This being the Midlands, which are flat as a pancake, even a glorified pimple like this counts as a hill….

…..and to be fair, it does have a view. Welcome to the Midlands!

Note that the VIPs got buried inside the church.

We were there to look at the geology of the area (very interesting, trust me!), but grasped the opportunity (i.e. the rain had stopped) to take some photos of a few designs in Cushendale Lace that I’m working on.

The following photos were taken in the ruined monastery.

More details will follow when I’m no longer a vegetable.

This Cushendale Lace comes from Irish sheep and is like Shetland yarn in many ways, for example, it blocks beautifully!

I only beaded the edge of this stole, ‘cos I didn’t want it too fussy.

There’s a huge variety of lichens on these old walls.

I’m proud of the way I got the leaves to start falling in the opposite direction in the middle of this stole,that was a challenge!

And now, the grand finale:

And now I’m off to bed with a hot water bottle, a girl’s best friend at times like these. See you in October!

8 thoughts on “Normal transmission will be resumed shortly…..

  1. Incredible architecture – how old is this building? Can’t believe the window details made from stone. Loved the lace against the rock – look at you, being all artsy and stuff! One would never know you were sick, Pauline.
    Thanks for sharing – now go back to bed and drink plenty of fluids…
    When you’re better, you can tell me about the geology.
    (wink!) Sue

  2. What a beautiful place! I love old ruins… There is something so mysterious about them, like they have so much to tell but they have to be silent. Fantastic place to take pics of the gorgeous lacey shawls!

  3. What a wonderful blog! I’m so glad that Susan Bahr directed me here! I love these old buildings……well all your photos and I love all the knitting! Wonderful!

    • Ooooh, the pressure! Seriously, have a look now: I can’t get the blog-links to work without D’s help, they will be sorted out ASAP…

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