The dog ate my homework (aka Sorry I’m late)

Remember this from 10 days ago? The peplum edge of my cardi? Well, it turned out to measure almost 130cm (50 inches) without blocking, and I didn’t even measure that much even when I was 9 months pregnant, so it had to be ripped, accompanied by weeping and gnashing of teeth… Ditto size 16 sleeve.

Onwards and upwards (with the help of chocolate). I’ve been knitting away at size 12-14 ever since, frantically trying to catch up, and neglecting my “diary” in the process. Sorry!

Alright, I deserve to be entered on the “Didn’t Swatch” List of Shame, and I can’t blame the dog, but all that ripping has to count as penance… Mind you, at least when knitting the peplum the second time round, all the beads were in roughly the right place, so that really speeded things up. Plus, size 12-14 is going to fit me, even though I’m definitely/unfortunately a size 16 (did I mention the chocolate?).

See how stretchy the lace is? I just pulled the dry lace out to my size to show you, I’m much more precise with my pinning when I’m really blocking, promise. That right -hand sleeve could be blocked much more aggressively and still look good.

This is how far I’ve got to date, so I think I’m still in with a chance. I’ve certainly pushed myself to the limits and tried out some new things-cable edging, a bead- threading marathon and working short rows in cables, for example. I tried out that last one to ease the cable edging around the “point” on the front edge  (see below, and details in my notebook on Ravelry).

You know the way a buttonband on a cardi can have the wrong tension, and no amount of blocking will get it to sit right? Well, after all my tribulations with this project, I couldn’t be having with that, so I designed a built-in buffer zone and now I can’t even see it, yippee!

Sorry again for lateness and brevity, but the deadline (Sun. 24.00) is nigh. Bye for now!

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