A Diversion

I got bitten by the inspiration bug a few days ago and have been designing, of all things, Christmas tree ornaments. Maybe because the weather’s been more like November than July: shades of grey and soggy! Anyway, I needed a quick and colourful project to cheer myself up, so I dug out some fine yarn I acquired in Thailand a few years ago and started playing with it. It’s used for crochet in Thailand ‘cos knitting never caught on there, I’m told.  You know those Norwegian patterned ornaments by Arne & Carlos (see e.g. Ravelry)? Well I like them well enough, but I’m not a big fan of that style of colourwork. However, I do love lace, so here’s the kind of thing I’ve been coming up with:

The idea is to have a lace ‘jacket’ over a bog standard Xmas ball, letting the original colour shine through. For my prototypes I’m using some polystyrene balls found on sale in a local stationery shop. They’re about 7cm/2.75 inches in diameter, so they’ll do for practice.

I’m doing some in in crochet cotton no. 10 (below left, 565m/613yds per 100g), and some in the acrylic (below right, ~700m/100g). Figuring out the right no. of stitches and repeats for each thickness certainly has distracted me from the rain!

Last Christmas was my baby niece’s first, and my sister decorated the tree entirely in pink and silver to celebrate. I wish I’d thought of this one in time:

Instead, my niece, aka the Princess, received my version of the sleepy bunny from Knitted Nursery by Nancy Atkinson and Sarah Jane Tavner. Snoozy Susie (below right) is so well-loved that a boyfriend was requested for the Princess’ recent first birthday. How could I resist such a compliment? Enter Dozy Dave…

Pleasant surprise: although Susie’s been through 7 months of chewing and teething, she’s not showing the mileage (I brought my darning gear to the party, just in case)!

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