The Next Experiment: Yarnstorming!

This is my beloved local library, in Walkinstown. This is where I regularly go to feed my book habit, and since April last year, to meet my knitting group. Back then the chief librarian was most hospitable when I suggested starting the group, and we’ve long since become a regular feature on Wednesday evenings. This year, I thought we might do something to cheer our venue up: the drab shades of grey and beige were crying out for a new look! And what better time than Knit-in-Public-Day (June 9th)?

As about half the knitters are children, we needed to focus on a small area to decorate with items which could be made without complications. Our “Garden of Imagination” started with a skeletal orange tree. You have no idea how long I’d been waiting to find a use for that orange acrylic I’d bought on a mad impulse. With that as a framework, flowers, leaves, butterflies and caterpillars started growing on our needles. I think everyone was surprised and delighted by the amount of creativity they were tapping into within themselves!

This is  a before-and-after view of the side of the porch

We had only one rule (by personal request): no snakes allowed. So we have some suspiciously long and colourful worms, but no reptiles. Honest.

I had fun putting a few knots into the tree trunk with short rows. I used the wrap-and-turn method, which didn’t look too bad because the yarn is so fuzzy, but I have since learned about German short rows (thank you, knitty ’06!) and have been converted. All those years living in Germany and I never heard about that technique, but then, I don’t know many geologists who are knitters. One of the many things I love about knitting is that there’s always something new to learn!

This is me inspecting our work-in-progress with young L., who was actually just visiting but kindly stayed to help!

Butterflies were attracted to the bright colours!

Megan’s owl family moved in and made themselves comfortable…

And the whole creation is still blooming and bringing smiles to peoples’ faces a month later!

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