How my knitting holiday began …

What a luxury, to have so much time for knitting! I’ve decided to make the most of it by trying new things I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the time or energy for. I’m finally learning to how to navigate speedily around Ravelry. Yes, I know it’s the 21st century, but in my minimal free time up to now, given a choice between knitting and the computer, I’ve tended to grab the needles! Trying out some German/Austrian knitted lace (Kunststricken) is also on the agenda. As I don’t have a doily lifestyle, I’m going for a practical application.

So here’s my latest WIP: a shawl based on a portion of a tablecloth designed by Herbert Niebling  (45cm/15in. ruler for scale). Still unblocked, as you can see, because I needed to see how my adaptation worked out before I could plan the edges. All those curves are quite a challenge, I’ll have to put my thinking cap on!

I love the detail in the flowers!

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